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WordCamp Boston 2012, Design for Drupal 4

This weekend Boston lives up to its reputation as a strong city for open source CMS activities, with both WordCamp Boston 2012 and Design for Drupal 4 in the same weekend.

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WordCamp Boston 2012

WordCamp Boston 2012 is coming up quickly: July 13th-15th, at the Boston University George Sherman Union (same venue as 2011).

I’ll be speaking again, this time on the topic of “Why the #@*$!% isn’t WordPress a CMS?.” Why is it that WordPress doesn’t get the respect it deserves in discussions of Web Content Management platforms? How do we counter the age-old “WordPress is fine if all you need is a blog” back-handed insult?

On the other hand, are there things that WordPress could learn from the criticism? What could WordPress do as a project to make the WordPress-as-a-CMS conversation more productive and less repetitive? Where does WordPress’ blog-platform heritage show up as an architectural weakness when held up against other WCMS platforms?

Looking forward to yet another fabulous WordCamp on the Charles . . . Hope to see you there.

Podcamp Boston 6

Made it in Saturday for the opening of Podcamp Boston 6. (After a few working weekends in a row, I couldn’t do two full days so I just came in for Saturday morning).

While I was only able to catch three sessions, each would have been worth the trip on it’s own. All three were led by dynamic, engaging, even charismatic presenters who clearly know their stuff and know the Podcamp audience.

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Podcamp Boston This Weekend

Podcamp Boston (6) is this weekend (Sept. 24th and 25th) at the Microsoft NERD center.

Here’s the schedule (which they haven’t yet published except as a google doc):

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Boston 140 Characters Conference succeeds despite coffee, wifi, power fail

The Fail Whale in Legos - Photo by Bjarne Panduro Tveskov -

The 140 Characters Conference in Boston yesterday started off with three strikes against it, in my mind:

  1. No coffee. I’ve greatly cut back on my own caffeine addiction, but who starts a conference at 9am on a Tuesday and doesn’t serve coffee?
  2. No wifi. Well, there was Wifi, but I couldn’t ever get on any of the available networks.
  3. No power. Well, there was power in the building, but the power cops facilities people from the venue would not allow attendees to plug in to the wall outlets, as the cords crossing the aisle represented some kind of hazard.

That’s a steep uphill climb for any conference to overcome, but it turned out to be well worth it. The saving grace was not just Boston’s always active, engaging, welcoming, and supportive social media community (as embodied in folks like @pistachio, Chris Brogan, C.C. Chapman, CS Penn, and way too many more to name them all) but also excellent editorial curation and content pacing.

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