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No More Talkin’ Blackjack Bluetooth Blues

Thanks to Jay’s Technical Talk I’ve finally got my Cingular Blackjack working with my laptop (Kubuntu) via Bluetooth.

This means I can turn on internet sharing on the phone and get online from my laptop while on the Acela between NY and Boston, without the tether cable.

I’ve got a Dell Latitude D810, running Kubuntu Feisty Fawn, and a cheap IOGear USB Bluetooth adapter, model #GBU221.

The “bluetooth” package in the Ubuntu universe repository is a metapackage which installs the “bluez” utilities – I have that installed as well.

All I had to do to get online via Bluetooth connection was:

  1. Start bluetooth on the blackjack, since I don’t normally leave it running
  2. Start internet connection sharing on the blackjack
  3. On the laptop, do: hcitool scan (this looks for nearby bluetooth devices – note the address of your phone, which is a hexidecimal string like 12:34:56:78:90:ab)
  4. Issue the command: sudo pand -c
    , using the address discovered above
  5. Issue the command: sudo dhclient bnep0

Of course, once you know your phone’s address you can skip step 3.

I also tried the various instructions for tethering to USB and using the Gnome PPP application, but for me this would connect and automatically disconnect. Bluetooth’s preferrable for me anyway as that way I have one less cable to carry.

AjaxWorld West Presentation: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I presented earlier this morning at Ajax World West. The title of the presentation was “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Back to the Browser Wars.”

Not sure how valuable the slides will be in the absence of my commentary on them, but here they are:

Thanks to those who attended and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Yahoo! GO on Blackjack

Yahoo!’s mobile client, GO, is now available (beta) on the Samsung i607 aka Cingular Blackjack.

Go here to enter your mobile number, and they SMS you a link to download the CAB file.

Once you download and install the CAB file, at first launch it downloads a bunch of other stuff – perhaps it is keeping track of versions of specific apps?

It’s got a series of modules, many of which take advantage of your Yahoo! ID:

It’s very nicely designed, once you get used to the Yahoo! purple, but I don’t see it replacing Google Maps on my phone any time soon. It does give a nice flickr interface and since you can set up news watchlists could be a good way to read mainstream news.

Now, I want an iPhone

A few weeks ago, my blackjack suddenly decided to reboot itself, and in the process seems to have killed all the registry settings.

In Windows Mobile Terms, it’s like a self-induced frontal lobotomy. My phone no longer knows what applications are installed on it, doesn’t remember how to sync to our exchange server, etc.

After spending two hours last night battling the ActiveSync demons in order to connect my BlackJack to my laptop (in order to install the registry editor and certificate for our exchange server on it), uninstalling and resintalling bluetooth (twice!) in the process, and hacking registry settings to enable ActiveSync to work with our exchange server, I’m done.

Would an iPhone just work, or am I falling into the Apple hype?

Of course, what I really need is an OpenMoko. How long before I can run one of these on Cingular? Can I already?

Thanks for the notice

Thursday I got this helpful message from Cingular:

Cingular Message

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