2014 year in travel


Hat tip to Margot Bloomstein for the pointer to Cemre’s “Year in Review” infographic project, which visualizes Tripit Data. Strong showing for SMF this year thanks to 10up. View my full report or make your own.        

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Heading to Denver for DrupalCon


Next week I’m off to Denver for DrupalCon 2012. Since DrupalCon 2008 (which was in Boston) I’ve done both SXSW and DrupalCon each year, but that was proving to be a bit of an overload, so this year I’ve dialed back, skipped SXSW, and chose DrupalCon instead. I’ve found it consistently more useful. I’ll be […]

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Stuck in the Middle with You

The first part of this week I was out in Los Angeles for the inaugural Magento Imagine eCommerce conference (more about that to come). En route, I ended up trying (via standby) to get on an early flight for one leg (ATL to LAX), and just got squeezed onto the flight as the last passenger. […]

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TripAdvisor joins the Private Travel Club Club

Trip Advisor's new invite-only travel offering

TripAdvisor is joining Jetsetter, Kayak, and TabletHotels (good summary here) to offer a private sales site for hotel accommodations with the interestingly named “snique.” (I realize they’re going for “sneak,” as in “sneak away on a trip” – but I can’t help but read it as a contraction of “is unique?” or a “snick” as […]

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Dear Dopplr

Dear Dopplr While I’m very happy with your ability to share my trips with my friends, and I appreciate the semi-annual personal report, I need to share something with you. I’m never going on a trip to Delta, Canada.

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