Hip to be Square

Photo by Chris Harrison - http://www.flickr.com/photos/cdharrison/4992493250/

Got an email in late August that Square, the iPhone mobile card reader / payment acceptance application founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, had begun shipping readers again. Mine came this week – 2 of them actually. I’m pretty certain I only ordered one, so I’m not sure where the other one came from – […]

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Retweeting the Right Way

Just released an update to ReTweeter (1.1), which now uses the Twitter API for Retweeting. This means that instead of the traditional “RT: @username” syntax, the retweeted tweets will now show Twitter’s little retweet icon and the link to the original tweet (where it says “about 4 hrs ago”) preserved, and the retweeting user’s name […]

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Surviving the OAuthpocalypse with Retweeter

Photo by Bruno Pedro http://www.flickr.com/photos/bpedro/4951321821/

A while back I hacked together a script for automatically reposting all tweets matching a given hashtag, called Retweeter. It’s useful for conferences and other events where you want to see a stream of info regarding a given topic, but don’t want to catch the attention of spammers. (To use retweeter, you set up a […]

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Sunday Coding – ReTweeter, WPBook

Two quick Sunday updates. First, ReTweeter has been updated to 0.9.4. The fix here was primarily to deal with tweets which, when retweeted with the username prepended, were longer than 140 characters. Second, WPBook has been updated to 1.5.3. This includes a new option to enable publishing to the wall of a Fan Page independent […]

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