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Publishing in the Age of the Assembled Web

The spring of 2009 has been a difficult one for publishers – newspapers especially – in the U.S., with many sizable metropolitan papers moving to online only, closing, or facing the possibility of closing. It’s lead many to wonder (again) what the future holds for publishers – whose value has arguably been derived from information scarcity – in the age of information ubiquity.

What should newspaper publishers, and other content-centered businesses, do? How should publishing evolve to accommodate the tremendous shift in publishing power represented by the fact that every internet user has a technical capability to create and distribute content never before seen? How should they adapt to the assembled web, in which users expect to interact with content in contexts they choose, rather than in contexts publishers control?

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Things are going to get wierder

Via Jake McKee I just discovered this video of Chris Heuer interviewing Clay Shirky:

Clay’s long been a favorite speaker of mine – Perl as an act of love and the cognitive surplus being two other videos featured here – and Chris does a great interview here.

My favorite quote, as you might suspect given the tagline of this blog: “Things are going to get wierder before they get saner.” We’re in the midst of a long transformation – we’ve left point A but point B won’t be clear for some time.

Web Content 2008 Presentation

Wednesday was day two of Web Content 2008, and I presented in the afternoon on the rise of user-contributed content and community, and the impact that’s had on content management.

I had thought about calling it “From Content Management to Community Management” or maybe “Content Management is Dead” but ended up instead with: “Upload, Tag, Share, Discuss: Content Management in the Age of Participation.”

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Web Content 2008 Chicago

I’m in Chicago today (and yesterday) for Web Content 2008. It’s a nice, smaller conference – about 150 attendees or so, with very strong content (as you might expect) and good opportunities to meet, talk to, and network with the speakers and other attendees. The focus this year is on “Web 2.0 and it’s impact on Web Communication” so there’s been lots of interesting discussion.

I got in late yesterday due to some flight issues, but managed to catch three good presentations.

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Clay Shirky on Cognitive Surplus

You may have seen my link to a transcript of this talk if you follow my ma.gnolia feed or

Now (via LaughingSquid) you can watch the video. It’s Clay Shirky’s keynote at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last week, on the “cognitive surplus” as a characteristic fueling mass collaboration.

Interestingly, this seems to break my facebook app. No longer resizes the iframe to the right size? Something is trying to call location.toString() and getting denied – my guess is that is trying to track where the video was embedded and facebook doesn’t allow apps inside iframes to access parent location.

You can see all the Web 2.0 Expo videos at or put this rss url into Miro and get a channel: