Liveblogging Enterprise 2.0: Don Tapscott

(If you’ve not seen Don Tapscott present the material behind Wikinomics it is well worth seeing – I’m sure the video will go up in the next day or two.)


Happy to be here. Flew in late last night – but hey, sleep is overrated.

I totally believe there are fundamential shifts underway: from closed hierarchy to the open networked enterprise.

(Which is from my 1992 book – paradigm shift).

We started, in response to some of my debates with Nick Carr, a syndicated project: “Winning with the Enterprise 2.0” – one of the summary reports has been made available on the enterprise 2.0 conference site.

Four drivers for change:

  1. Web 2.0
  2. The Net Generation
  3. The Social Revolution
  4. The Economic Revolution

Old web was html, new web is xml.

Kids who have grown up net enabled – see Growing up Digital – it isn’t even technology to them, it is like air. Baby boom echo. Instead of a generation gap we have a generation lap.

World Conference of IT panel last year – video at

Four startling new principles for running a company:

  1. Peering
  2. Being Open
  3. Sharing
  4. Acting Globally

What are the new business models for future:

  1. Peer pioneers – Linux, MySQL, but also in financial services
  2. Ideagoras – like Innocentive Network
  3. Prosumers
  4. The New Alexandrians: The Sharing of Science
  5. Open Platforms and APIs
  6. The Global Plant Floor (Mass Collaboration)
  7. The Wiki Workplace

Final thought: This is a paradigm shift.

Paradigm shifts are almost always recieved with coolness if not worse. Those with vested interests will fight change. The shift demands such a different view of things that established leaders are often last to be won over.
(Marilyn Ferguson?)