Liveblogging Enterprise 2.0 – SAP (Enterprise 2.1)

Dennis Moore, General Manager, Emerging Solutions, SAP Labs

I’m going to talk about what we’re finding in our own use of Web 2.0 in the Enterprise.

Basis: Migration of our economies from task work to information work.

It’s at the edges where web 2.0 has started to penetrate the enterprise – collaboration.

45% using blogs. 43% using RSS. 35% using wikis – per IDC QuickLaunch survey Feb 2007.

More and more work is information based – in more and more fields.

Consumerization of technology. People did not used to take expectations of what IT should be like at home and bring it to work. Often things like Google have unlimited or virtually unlimited storage but at work you have 200MB limit. We’re expecting SAP to look like Mac OS X dashboard or Vista gadgets.

People bringing in outside technology can be a challenge in that they don’t comply with all the enterprise compliance needs – they may not know what’s really needed behind the scenes or what the impact is.

MISO vendors – Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle.

A better approach – leveraging Enterprise 2.0 but with your existing platforms.

SAPs goal is “Enterprise Class Web 2.0”

Enhance existing processes – use web 2.0 tech to make existing investments work better.

Example: Project Delta – replacing the executive assistant.

SAP NetWeaver as a platform for Enterprise 2.x, yada yada.

Example: recall problem using SmartWorkspace – basically a teamroom concept bringing people together, with task assignment, presence awareness (online). widgets, etc.

Enable emergent processes – service enable SAP functionality and allow the creation of more flexible applications.


  1. There was a good article in the WSJ about how Web 2.0 tools are being integrated into the enterprise. Here is the link.

    “A McKinsey & Co. survey of top-level executives around the globe early this year found that about a third had deployed or were planning to deploy the most common forms of social software.”

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