We get our Thursdays from a Banana – Clay Shirky on Love

Via David Weinberger I came to this video on conversation hub from supernova: Clay Shirky on Love, Internet Style.

Go watch it, now. (Direct link to the file – it’s a 14.4 MB MOV file)

Best 10 minutes I’ve spent today. (Apologies in advance to everyone else I spent 10 minutes talking to today.)

Shirky connects together open source, “web 2.0,” and other community-oriented activities under the rubric of love.

A few highlights:

  • From the look on their faces . . . it was as though we had said “we get our Thursdays from a banana”
  • They didn’t care that it worked in practice, because they already knew it wouldn’t work in theory
  • Perl is a shinto shrine. Perl exists not as an edifice but as an act of love
  • In the past we did small things for love, but big things required money. Now we can do big things for love.