Enterprise Open Source Directory

At the risk of too much self-promotion (posting two Optaros related entries in one week), I have to at least briefly mention the Optaros Enterprise Open Source Directory, which launched (in beta) at the beginning of the week.

Optaros Enterprise Open Source Directory

This new online community continues and extends the work Optaros did on the print version of the Open Source Catalog at the beginning of 2007, enabling community interaction.

The directory site includes blogs, forums, and case studies

As Seb said:

The EOS Directory bridges the gap between corporations seeking solutions through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and the open source community which does not participate in expensive and time-consuming RFP processes. Instead, open source software organizations provide free downloads for companies to begin working on a solution. The EOS Directory fills the gap by proving expert and user ratings, case studies, forums and requests for advice for organizations to better choose the right open source software based on functionality, community backing, project trend and maturity of technology.

(Lukas, Matt Asay, and Jack Loftus have blogged about it as well).

It’s in beta, and very much a work in progress – we hope to broaden the community involvement aspects especially, as well as provide better coverage across all categories.

Please do check it out, and provide feedback – here in the comments or (better yet) on the EOS Directory site itself.


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