How Lego Caught the Cluetrain

I’m often amazed at how well the Cluetrain Manifesto stands up 10 years later, and constantly recommend it to new Optaros employees or others trying to understand how companies can engage with customers in new ways.

The video below is from the “There’s a New Conversation” event in NY on Feb. 13th this year, which was put on by The Conversatin Group. It’s Jake McKee, formerly Global Community Relations Specialist for Lego, talking about how Lego learned to engage with its adult fan community during his time there.

It’s a great case study of how he overcame internal resistance and convinced Lego to connect with and benefit from fan communities rather than trying to control them or shut them down. If it were up to me this would be mandatory viewing for all marketing teams and legal teams at consumer goods companies. Of course much of it applies outside consumer goods too.

If you use Miro (and you should), use this url to add The Conversation Group’s channel: