Twitter Charts via Yahoo! Pipes and Google Charts API

(Via David S. on Babbledog)

Xefer has created an intriguing mashup using data from the Twitter API, a Yahoo! Pipe to some basic transformation, and the Google Chart API to display results:

Twitterplot for @jeckman

To get your own, just replace with your twitter username to the end of this url: blog post describing the project:

The most interesting aspect of this project is that, other than the static files being served up by itself, no other server-side processing is being done here; all the processing is being handled by Yahoo Pipes and Google, and of course Twitter itself which is ultimately hosting the raw data.

Who knew I tweeted so much on Sundays?

Note that the data seems to be, as per the comment on the blog post, in GMT, so you’ll need to do offsets in your head for your local timezone.

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