At last month’s North Shore Web Geek Meetup, I met Gal Arav, the creator of Newsflashr (and formerly creator of InstantBull):


Newsflashr aggregates feeds from a large number of news sources, and lets you scan the headlines from those feeds as a tag cloud (what are the interesting terms which appear frequently in the headlines in those feeds) as well as in a list sorted by Alexa rank.

It’s the kind of site you can spend a lot of time in, if you’re a news junkie, playing around with different sorting options and looking for trends in the data.

Here’s the tag cloud, for example of the “elections 08” topic as I am writing this post:

Tag Cloud for Election 08

You can also switch into feed view, in which case you’re arranging feeds on a grid, as you might in something like pageflakes or netvibes.

Worth a look if you’re a news junkie or just obsessed with the upcoming election.

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  1. newsFlashr is great, especially for individuals handling a mass of information they need to sort out in a hurry. If you’re looking for something more controlled for groups that lets you edit source RSS feeds through drag/drop, then republish the results, you might want to check out the beta of Xenos. You can find it at my site and there is a quick introductory screencast here.

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