WordPress 2.3 Tags not indexed on Technorati?


Changed the permalink structure (options->permalink) to custom so that permalinks are of the form:


Rather than using the “date and name” option which looks much the same but has the trailing slash.

This also strips the trailing slash from the tags link. I’ll try this for a while and see how it works – WordPress accepts the requests and drops the slash if requested. Hopefully technorati will re-index the posts and pick up the tags.


For the last few days I’ve been attending the Forrester Consumer Forum in Chicago, and blogging a fair amount about what I saw there. While doing so, I religiously tagged my posts with fcf07, as recommended by Jeremiah.

Yet my posts were not getting indexed, or aggregated, or even found as part of the technorati tag fcf07.

Why not?

I think there is a conflict between WordPress 2.3’s tagging feature and Technorati‘s expectations for tags.

On Technorati’s Tagging with Links page, they explain:

1. The tag link must occur within the boundaries of a weblog post to be included in Technorati’s index.
2. The constructed link must define a link relationship of “tag” by adding rel=”tag” to each post link you would like Technorati to include in its tag index.
3. The referenced URL must have content after the final forward-slash (“/”).

It’s that third one I’m wondering about. On my blog, the tags WordPress generates have links which end with a trailing slash. For example, the tag for fcf07 appears in those posts like this:

<a href="http://www.openparenthesis.org/tag/fcf07/" rel="tag">fcf07</a>

Note that trailing slash after fcf07. I think this trailing slash prevents Technorati, which does index my posts, from seeing these as valid tags.

Anyone else seeing similar behavior with WordPress 2.3 and posts getting indexed by technorati but the tags being ignored?


  1. I am facing a simliar problem in my blog which uses the latest version of WordPress 2.5. I am using ‘Simple Tags’ to generate the tags. Please share if there any remedy to overcome this problem. Thanks

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