Open Source Microblogging

Many folks have been looking for an “Open Source Twitter” for about as long as Twitter itself has been popular.

Here’s a shortlist of those projects I’m aware of – please do let me know in the comments if there are others I’ve missed.

  • Sweetter 2.0 – an “open source and fun microbloging service . . . being develop[ed] by SUGUS (group of GNU users from the University of Seville).” Go here for code. Based on TurboGears, a python-based web application framework. Affero GPL (AGPL)
  • Jisko – Affero GPL (AGPL) licensed framework for microblogging, PHP 5 and MySQL. I had to use Google Translation to try to read the wiki, as I no hablo espanol.
  • Yonkly – written in ASP.NET by Emad Ibrahim. Code hasn’t yet been fully released but you can get an early version here. (License is not yet specified though it is described as “open source.”)
  • Twoorl – a GPL (3) implementation of a microblogging service in Erlang using ErlyWeb. Started (and entirely written?) by Yariv Sadan
  • Prologue – not really a microblogging platform per se, but a WordPress Theme which could be used as a microblogging platform. (Note that the Prologue post itself kills Firefox 3 for me – caveat browser). Prologue is available under the GPL, as is WordPress itself.
  • Laconica, which is the software which powers Also Affero GPL (AGPL). This is perhaps the most robust, and is based on the Open Micro Blogging protocol. It also embeds creative commons licensing on the content people publish, which I think is great but others may have issues with.

Am I missing other open source twitter approaches?

Has anyone created a Movable Type theme which does microblogging?


  1. Thanks F. Michael for the link.

    ReVou isn’t open source (proprietary/commercial license), although paid licensees do apparently get full source code access. It’s PHP 5 / MySQL 5.

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