State of the Twittersphere – Q4 2008 Report

Just catching up on some of the blogs and tweets I missed over the holidays. The folks at HubSpot, who are also the folks behind TwitterGrader and WebSite Grader, put out a State of the Twittersphere Report, modeled on the old Technorati State of the Blogosphere reports.

It’s got some interesting stats, though I’d wonder if the self-selecting audience of folks who tried Twitter Grader isn’t a bigger problem in terms of the basis of the analysis.

More charts in the report itself, but here are two I found interesting – histograms of twitterers by number of followers and number following:



That puts me in a pretty small minority in both cases. Does that make me?:

a) Weird
b) Extraordinarily prescient
c) Just Plain Nuts
d) ______

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