Spring Cleaning (in the Fall)

If you normally get Open Parenthesis posts via RSS reader, or syndicated on another site, you may not have noticed, but I’ve decided to switch things up here and install a new theme. I started this blog at the first WordCamp Boston back in May of 2006, right when I started working for Optaros, and I threw together a custom theme, based loosely on a very very popular theme called Rounded (to which I can no longer find anywhere to link):

Old Theme

It’s served me well, but over the years it’s come to feel a bit cluttered. Too many sidebars (more accurately perhaps too many widgets in the sidebars), too many colors, too many rounded corners (ah, the enthusiasm of Web 2.0), fonts too small, contrast too weak between text and background. The new theme is brighter (more white space!), lighter (less brown, blue, and orange – more red), and all around easier to read.

The new theme is based on one called Nameless by a German designer named Karsten Kuhnen:

Nameless Theme

I’ve made a few alterations, especially to the sidebar on the right, to better fit with the content here – but the design is very simple, clean, and modern. Hopefully less to distract you from the content.

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