WPBook 2.0.11

Ours Goes to 11

Just tagged and checked in another maintenance release of WPBook, 2.0.11. This will be the last (hopefully) release in the 2.0 series – next up is 2.1, with OAuth 2.0 for authentication. (Facebook is migrating in this direction, which means eliminating by March 2011 some of the calls I’m relying on now).

This release also incorporates all the 2.0.10 changes, but it marked stable – so many of you will jump right from to 2.0.11.

Changes in 2.0.11:

  1. Removed “add to profile” tab options. (Facebook no longer allows these for individual profiles, only for Facebook Pages, and the button itself is not necessary).
  2. README updates – link to instructions
  3. Conditional checking for fb_page_target to avoid ‘premature end of FQL query”
  4. README updates on profile tabs
  5. Add pending_to_publish state. (This should pick up posts written by other authors but now approved by an editor).
  6. Filter JS out of FB share link
  7. Added more debugging info

Changes which were in 2.0.10 (and thus incorporated into 2.0.11):

  1. (Changes by bandonrandon, see http://bandonrandon.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/wpbook-2-0-10-beta-release/)
  2. Move includes into their own directory
  3. Incorporate FB avatar in comments imported
  4. New Admin Layout, images
  5. Bug fix: default for ‘post to facebook’ is set to true
  6. Links in permissions page point to wpbook.net
  7. FB tabs view moved to its own file in theme directory

I’ve also updated a few of the directions pages on WPBook.net to reflect more accurately what WPBook can do and what settings are necessary – that work will be ongoing this week to bring the directions up to speed with both Facebook changes and WPBook changes.

In the meanwhile, post in the forums in you’re having difficulty.


  1. Very odd. Looked like other posts were getting cut off as well.

    I’ve no idea what might be causing this – the WPBook theme, which is substituted when the blog is called inside Facebook, just uses standard calls to get the content of the posts.

    If you view the source of the iFrame (use Firefox, right click inside the blog post in Facebook, choose view frame source) you see the full article is there.

    This would suggest it is some kind of problem with Facebook’s “autoresize” javascript, which sets the length of the iFrame based on the content – but that hasn’t changed in any recent WPBook version.

    (It’s at the bottom of the page, in script tags, with FB.CanvasClient.startTimerToSizeToContent();)

    Have you tried deleting all the files in wp-content/plugins/wpbook/ and reuploading from a fresh download?

    Has anything else changed recently? Other plugins installed?

  2. Could be the javascript error the site is throwing – a2a_config not defined?

    Javascript errors may prevent the resize js from ever firing.

  3. Only made to changes before the problem started.
    1. Updated to new WordPress then checked everything including Facebook blog app and no problems.
    2. updated to your lastest version and needed to reset information in the WP config area now it’s cutting off.


  4. Sorry, no idea what’s happening here – are you sure nothing else has changed?

    In Facebook settings for your FB application, is it set to iFrame and auto-resize?

    Maybe try setting it to “show scrollbars” – make that work, then set it back to “auto-resize”?

  5. Confused about this whole issue.
    The only time I get this error is on the Facebook blog page listed above not on the actual blog site or post pages. So it’s not coming from the blog.?

    I’ve also tried to revert back to 2.0.10 but when I click Grant Permissions for this page I still get ‘Your infinite session key’ but there is no place to insert that in the dashboard of WPBook?

    Side not: it would be nice if when you clicked Grant Permissions it would open in another tab ( _blank ) it’s kind of a pain.

    I guess I’ll have to scrap this for now and go back to the old blog feed into FaceBook. Let me know if anyone else runs into this and you fix it.


  6. Danzig: In order for WPBook to accomplish what it does, it relies on a number of APIs provided by Facebook.

    One of those APIs is a javascript based call which resizes the iFrame containing the blog content on page load – and this only applies when one is viewing the application canvas – the page that lives in your case at apps.facebook.com/cyclone-marketing/

    I don’t know why you’re experiencing this problem – I haven’t had any reports from anyone else, and it isn’t happening for me.

    I’d guess it is unrelated to updating to 2.0.11, as nothing related to that actually changed – it might be related to whatever you did when you “reset information in the WP config area”

    It seems that the javascript call never actually gets reached, perhaps due to other javascript errors thrown when loading your app.

    Load http://apps.facebook.com/cyclone-marketing/2010/12/10/marketing-with-wordpress/ in Firefox and view your javascript console. It throws this error “a2a_config not defined” – that’s not coming from WPBook, but from some other plugin or javascript in your blog.

    Have you tried disabling other plugins, perhaps the one which is responsible for the a2a_config javascript? (looks to be “add to any”).

    There is a place to put infinite session keys in 2.0.10 – you may need to expand a collapsed section of the admin – the titles of each section are clickable and expand.

    Finally, did you change any settings for your application on the Facebook side? Domain?

  7. Thanks for your input. When I get some free time, maybe over the weekend I’ll try to sort through this using your suggestions. Then I’ll let you know what if anything I find and or accomplish.

    Thanks again.

  8. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wpbook_safe_publish_to_facebook() (previously declared in /home/bkapisi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpbook/includes/publish_to_facebook.php:6) in /home/bkapisi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpbook/includes/publish_to_facebook.php on line 182

    How can i solve this problem. I can not post to my face app page or fan page, and posts are usually published two times.

  9. Amazing plugin.

    But I have a question: does this plugin uses a Cron feature to work?
    Because WordPress already have a bad behaviour using cron (EVERY hit on a wordpress site launches its internal cron).

  10. @Douglas – Yes, WPBook relies on WordPress’s internal cron system.

    If you’d rather not use the built in cron, you could modify wpbook_cron.php to be called directly from a crontab – but you’d first have to bootstrap a whole wordpress instance as wpbook_cron.php on it’s own assumes it is being called from inside WordPress’s cron system.

  11. I’m stuck with some kind of endless loop when I try to check permissions
    I disabled all the plugins and it’s still happening
    Any clue on this?
    I just updated it today

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