DrupalCamp Montreal

I'm speaking at DrupalCamp Montreal, Sept. 16-18, 2011!

Just found out I will be speaking at DrupalCamp Montreal in a few weeks, on the subject of Open Source Video, using Kaltura with Drupal.

We’re doing some work with an institute at a local university involving migration of a large video archive and design of a video microsite, so the research for the presentation will line up nicely with the ongoing effort.

Look forward to seeing Montreal – I haven’t been in years – and also hope to run a BoF for Drupal in higher education.

Already planning some restaurant visits on Vegan Montreal. (It’s very strange to my anglophone ears that “végétalien” means vegan in French, but “végétarien” means vegetarian – what trouble that must be for native Japanese speaking vegans trying to visit Montreal, given this).


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