Videos from DrupalCamp Montreal

McIntyre Medical Building (Photo by un flaneur, cc-by-nc-nd license)

DrupalCamp Montreal was this past weekend, and the videos are already posted! The event venue was McGill University’s McIntyre Science Center, which is equipped with an automated system to capture lectures at specific times.

The system captures the video output being projected as well as video of the lectern where the speaker is standing, and makes the files available on a predetermined url. (I found that the “webcast” view with slides and speaker both visible sometimes failed in Firefox but worked in Chrome – unfortunately it’s silverlight based).

Definitely Worth watching:

My own video is embedded below, or you can see the webcast version (includes slides in one window and me talking in another – may not work in some browsers) or download the mp4.

Thanks to the organizers and sponsors for a great camp!