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WordCamp Boston 2012, Design for Drupal 4

This weekend Boston lives up to its reputation as a strong city for open source CMS activities, with both WordCamp Boston 2012 and Design for Drupal 4 in the same weekend.

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October Music Events in Cambridge

Music Hack Night photo by glacial23 -

(Via Charles McEnerny of Well Rounded Radio)

Two events coming up in October in Cambridge dealing with music, social media, and hacking: Rockshop 8 and Music Hack Day.

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What are Communities Made of? Northeast User Group Leader Summit


Making Ice Cream (Photo by Rachel J)

Making Ice Cream
(Photo by Rachel J)

This weekend, freshly jet-lagged by back-to-back trips to the UK and Switzerland, with a brief stop in between for BarCampBoston 4, I attended the Northeast User Group Leader Summit, sponsored (thanks!) by O’Reilly Media and Microsoft. (Although I don’t technically lead a user group, I play host to BostonPHP at Optaros, volunteer for BarCampBoston, and participate in Boston’s Drupal and WordPress groups, as well as North Shore Web Geeks up in Newburyport.

The event, hosted in the new Microsoft NERD facility, brought together user group leaders from across the technology spectrum, and from New York to Maine. (See a shortlist of user groups represented in the wiki).

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Ignite Boston 3

Update: 14 of the presentation slide decks are available at slideshare.

Ignite Boston 3

Last night was the third Ignite Boston, at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square. Ignite is an O’Reilly Media sponsored series of events in various cities around the US. Lots of O’Reilly authors, editors, and various Friends Of O’Reilly gather to talk about tech stuff and generally geek out.

Highlights of the evening (for me):

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Benkler, Jenkins, Sunstein: The good, the bad, the ugly

(Note that the order of names in the title is not meant to imply a specific relationship to the adjectives in the subtitle. I went with alphabetical.)

Last night I grabbed the red line over to MIT after work and saw a wonderful event put on by the MIT Communications Forum, entitled: Our World Digitized: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

Fuzzy photo of Sunstein, Benkler, and Jenkins

Audio from the event (Real Audio format) has already been posted, so if you find my chaotic “liveblogging” style notes below interesting, be sure to check it out. (They will post video on the seminar page soon as well).

My *very rough* notes:

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