Testing Facebook PHP SDK 3.1.1

tiny georgia

OK, no more testing, no more publishing and unpublishing this page. WPBook 2.3 is released. This uses the same Facebook SDK (3.1.1) as WPBook Lite which I just released last weekend – this will make it easier to manage both. It will also let me start work on adding more features to the plugin- a […]

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The Future of WPBook

Pittsfield in the Near Future (from Cameo Wood on flickr, cc-by-nc license)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future of WPBook, and wanted to give a quick update. There are two key factors making me rethink the whole approach. The first is a change Facebook has made, requiring SSL certificates for “all Canvas and Page tab applications.” (They announced this change earlier this summer, […]

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WPBook 2.2.1

Try Again (Photo by Samantha Marx, cc-by license, http://www.flickr.com/photos/spam/3355834452/)

Spent some quality time this weekend with WPBook. As a result, I just released version 2.2.1. (There was briefly a 2.2 release, but something was corrupted in that version of the SVN repo, so use 2.2.1 instead). Included in 2.2.1: Read More is back. Re-enabled the “Read More” action link. Unfortunately, because of a Facebook […]

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WPBook 2.1.4 Released

Code Bug (Photo by Guilherme Tavares, cc-by license, http://www.flickr.com/photos/guitavares/1703252007/)

Just released WPBook 2.1.4. Two key bugfixes in this release: Comment Imports. In changing to the Graph API I needed to add an access_token to the FQL calls I’m using to retrieve comments from non-public streams. Facebook Avatars for Pages. Given that you can now comment on wall posts as a page (by using the […]

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