Testing Facebook PHP SDK 3.1.1

OK, no more testing, no more publishing and unpublishing this page.

WPBook 2.3 is released. This uses the same Facebook SDK (3.1.1) as WPBook Lite which I just released last weekend – this will make it easier to manage both.

It will also let me start work on adding more features to the plugin- a more stable base to work from.

Third test. Should publish just to WPBook page.
Oops. That’s why we test. Typo in publish_to_facebook.php fixed.
Sorry for the testing post. Just working on an update to WPBook 2.3, including an update to the Facebook SDK, and need to make sure in the process I haven’t busted anything.

This should post to personal profile and to page wall.


  1. Ok, so this time it finally worked. I guess when you de-authorize an app and then reauthorize it, it might take some time for the new access token to get picked up in the graph API?

  2. John, I’m surprised you didn’t do what I did : dump the official PHP API SDKs – they implement a lot more functionality than I’d ever need, and I was forever playing catchup with them as you seem to have been doing. I’ve got Wordbooker’s FB API down to a 4.7K file containing 14 functions which implement just about everything I need. It also means that Wordbooker can live along side other FB plugins without the risk of tripping over problems caused by two FB related plugins using different versions of the FB API files which as you know is a complete pain to work round.

  3. I haven’t found keeping up with the official SDK difficult – didn’t update WPBook for nearly a year. ;)

    What takes more time to keep up with is the directions for creating the appropriate Facebook App – beginning to think you were smarter with WordBooker to keep it all in one FB app you control.

  4. The problem I found was that because it uses hard coded names then if someone has a plugin running on API 3.0 then you get version conflicts and my plugin was blowing up because it relied on features in later versions of the API but another plugin had loaded an older version.

    Facebook keep changing how you can register applications and since the farce over timeline where they got rather a lot of people registering apps just so that they could try timeline I suspect they’ll tighten it up even more, and the whole HTTPS thing has made thing even messier.The way Wordbooker works gets round that BUT then I get people complaining that it says “via Wordbooker” on their wall posts.

    So its all swings and roundabouts…

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