WPBook 2.1.4 Released

Code Bug (Photo by Guilherme Tavares, cc-by license, http://www.flickr.com/photos/guitavares/1703252007/)

Just released WPBook 2.1.4.

Two key bugfixes in this release:

  1. Comment Imports. In changing to the Graph API I needed to add an access_token to the FQL calls I’m using to retrieve comments from non-public streams.
  2. Facebook Avatars for Pages. Given that you can now comment on wall posts as a page (by using the “use Facebook as page” option if you are the admin of a page) some of your comment authors in FB might be pages themselves. This fix will get the right FB avatar for them, eliminating what was otherwise a broken link image.

There should not be any need to regrant permissions or change any Facebook settings in this release.

Thanks to all the users who’ve provided feedback (and debug files!) in the forums.