BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles

Via CM Professionals mailing list, I came across the BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles.BBC

They were developed as part of the BBC 2.0 project, and (maybe only because 2.0 was already in the title of the project?) they avoided calling them the BBC’s Fifteen Web 2.0 principles.

You should visit Tomski’s site to read the whole list, but it’s really good stuff.

My favorites (of the moment – they keep changing) are:

13. Let people paste your content on the walls of their virtual homes: Encourage users to take nuggets of content away with them, with links back to your site

14. Link to discussions on the web, don’t host them: Only host web-based discussions where there is a clear rationale

The web after all is a web – the more interconnections between sites and pages there are, the better. (Not random links created by blogspam or to trick search engines, of course, but real links created by humans who found connections they feel are meaningful).