Fly-On-The-Wall: NPR and Social Media

Last week, NPR hosted a “small group of really interesting people from the Web 2.0 universe” to talk about social media.

Those interesting people included: Zadi Diaz, Jeff Jarvis, Rob Paterson, Jay Rosen, Doc Searls, Euan Semple, and David Weinberger. (In addition to David Folkenflik, Michel Martin, Andy Carvin, and others from NPR).

I was thinking, when I first heard about this, how wonderful it would be to be a fly-on-the-wall in that set of meetings. Luckily, since so many most all of those attendees are bloggers, I assumed we’d get at least some coverage of what they discussed.

Turns out to be even better than that. In addition to thevarious posts by the attendees above (which itself would be a pretty decent blogroll for anyone interested in social media), at Andy Carvin’s blog, there’s a whole series of videos of the conversations, as well as informal notes “live-blogged” from the sessions themselves – with comments from readers / viewers:

There’s also a set of Andy’s photos at Flickr tagged nprsocialmedia.