Beyond Broadcast Panels

The last two sessions I was able to see at Beyond Broadcast (I had to leave at midday) were panels.

The first was on “Participatory Culture,” moderated by Jesse Walker from Reason magazine, with Kenny Miller from MTV, Elizabeth Osder from Yahoo!, and (via webcam) Arin Crumley from the film Four-Eyed Monsters.

The second was on “Participatory Democracy,” moderated by Drew Clark, from the Center for Public Integrity, with Jennifer Harris from the Center for Digital Democracy, Chuck DeFeo (former eCampaign Manager for Bush-Cheney 2004) from Salem Communications, and Tad Hirsch from the MIT Media Lab.

Unfortunately my notes from the panels aren’t very good – I was spending more time reading questions in the “backchannel questions tool” and being snarky on the IRC backchannel to take efficient notes.

Luckily, the videos are up in the Berman Media Lab, so you can view them directly.

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