Brands whose consumers tell the best stories, win

David Armano points on Logic + Emotion to Alain Thys‘ “I Am The Media,” a presentation given at the Marketing3 conference in the Netherlands back in November 2006.

The presentation itself is available under a creative commons license via Slideshare – if you actually download the ppt file from there, you can view the notes on many of the slides as well – or it also embedded below.

It’s a compelling presentation, well designed, connecting the power of brands (and consumer’s emotional connections to them) with the rise of consumer-generated media:

In our a world where consumers hop from one medium location to the next, we need to follow them to as many places as possible, yet also need to recognise that the stories people tell about our brand are one of the most effective media to affect our brand’s performance both in a positive and in a negative sense.

Because those consumers your traditional media efforts may miss, will need to be reached through the friends that do talk to them.

In short, in a million channel world, the brands whose consumers tell the best stories, win.

(Thys also mentions in the comments on the Logic + Emotion post that he’s working on a update, which responds to “the memo that participation and adoption of Social Media isn’t as compelling as we think” – should be interesting to see.)

What stories does your brand encourage users to tell?

Unfortunately, most of the time, consumer brand experiences run from mediocre to awful.


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