Liveblogging Enterprise 2.0 – Microsoft’s Derek Burney

Keynote: Amplify the Impact of your People with Enterprise 2.0 Technologies

11:00 am–11:30 am
Derek Burney, General Manager, SharePoint Platform and Tools, Microsoft

People drive business outcomes. Your employees are the ones who really have customer relationships, know what customers want, know where your operation is inefficient, and so on.

The Microsoft approach is People-ready software.

We’re evolving toward a new world of work – people interacting with each other across many different boundaries. The role of software is to simplify how people work together.

Being connected 24/7/365 and what that means to work/life balance.

Also, changing workplace demographic. Millenials. Different ways of collaborating and different expectations.

Business Productivity Infrastructure.

Five core capabilities:

  • Unified Communications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Collaboration
  • Enterprise Search

This all sits on top of Office Business Application Services (workflow, openXML, etc), in the context of a secured, well-managed infrastructure.

Four categories of relationships to people: employees, partners, customers, and non-affiliated people.

They want to take Wikis, Blogs, Enterprise Search, Rss Feeds, Social Networking, Profiles, and Presence awareness and integrate them into the infrastructure (outlook, office, etc – wherever and whenever you are doing work).

Several areas to discuss of applications leveraging MS technology:

First area: promote experts and enable collaboration
Shows a “MySite” example – basically a profile site with user’s experience, former projects, interests and expertise, etc. (Looks like the Optaros intranet profile site as well). Also shows a beta of a newsgator project built on top of sharepoint.

Second area: Strengthen customer relationships

Shows examples: the Wisewoman site, – these are consumer oriented, marketing-based engagement sites.

Third area: Build Next-Generation Applications

Office business applications combining ease of use and familiar interface of office with back end system data.

Examples: Duet, Dynamics (formerly GreatPlains?), some ISV examples. Also mashups- not just enterprise data but also data that lives out in the cloud. Silverlight apps –, Silver Surfer trailer example for Fox.

Fourth area: Unify your Communications Modalities

Next edition of Live Meeting, better web conferencing.

Last area: Accelerating product innovation and development

Enable customers to get involved in generating good ideas for product improvements.

Launched today: Community Kit for SharePoint V2 – community driven initiative.

Example within Microsoft is mashup days – where they pull together people from throughout the company not just within the sharepoint group.

Rapid run through of a variety of ways of using Enterprise 2.0 technology.

Think across the whole enterprise – not just your employees but also your customers, partners, and unaffiliated folks.


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