Liveblogging Enterprise 2.0 – Launch Pad

Launch pad:

Moderator – Michael Sampson, Principal Advisor, Collaboration Success Advisors
Judges – David Coleman, Stowe Boyd

Four vendors – each will present for six minutes, then 1 minute of judge feedback from each judge.


Enabling cross-organizational talent.

Team collaboration across company boundaries – freelancers, design firms, offshore contractors, others – they need an environment optimized for this approach.

Email, on-demand, and enterprise IT all have limitations for this environment.

Synchronized P2P, no server, workspaces sharing- real time and asynch.

Synchs automatically in the background between team members.

Looks like it is Eclipse based – Collanos Worsplace – shows you who made changes when. Today they are announcing voice services (conference calls within the interface – an add on component, collanos phone – looks like skype.

Free version and premium version, SIP standards based. Mac, Windows, Linux

Phone will launch in beta by the end of the month.

Stowe – I’m not sure the world needs another collaborative, everyone share everything with everyoen tool – this was a crowded space. Groove went down this path, but ended up needing a server.


On demand, collaborative, project management for your business.

18 months old company.

Achieve true collaboration – any project, any document, discussions, forums.

Drive adoption through participation.

Unique email interaction.

Stowe – isn’t that what I take to keep my eyes clear – Clarizen? I get to finish my comment from before – isn’t this very similar to eRoom? Many have gone down the path that you are going down.

David – these are v1.5 tools, not 2.0 tools – seems like a little of this a little of that, but I’m not seeing what is compellingly new here.


High energy guy – people checking their blackberries, we’re very very busy, we’re out of the office a lot – higher expectations. THe problem is a disconnected, potentially disengaged workforce.

In short, people work hard and long.

Liquidtalk – mobile workforce engagement.

Create, find, organize and push audio/video business content to mobile devices. – media pushed to his playlist – all he has to do is sync. Whenever he connects, he gets things synched onto his laptop – like a digital briefcase.

Knowledge should be as easy as a conversation – make content more liquid, more mobile friendly.

David- this is a little bit more interesting. I wish new vendors could explain what they do in one slide, not 5. It’s more than iTunes for business its a DVR for business – timeshift the conversation. More like TiVo for business than iTunes for business.

Stowe – I feel compelled to talk about the slideshow – I expected something different than it lead to ultimately – not that this is bad, but it was different than expected. It feels more like a plugin to something else than a standalone application – part of a or a portal. A set of features looking for a bigger player to be part of.


KnowNow Live – The Live Information Management Application for Today’s Enterprise – Sam Weber.

This is the first time in my career I have something that people are actually excited about.

The key thing is it is user driven.

Status quo is inefficient: Email is overused, static portals are broken (too many subportals), search isn’t the answer (burden is on the user)

All of these things result in an information gap.

We create more efficient relevant information exchanges so that info finds you.

Stowe: I always want more demo and less talk. This sounds interesting but I see you have a long uphill battle against the big giant enterprise CMS folks, who are also going to present this kind of functionality – crowded space.

David – in the web2.0 space, those who are doing the aggregation will actually make money. So I think you are on the right track there – pull is better than push. But the key question is the one Dave Weinberger asked the other day – is it 9 times better than email.


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  2. Clarizen’s unique email interaction is not unique. I hate when people lie to you. Wrike has a similar feature too. It also has task tagging and customizible structure. I use Wrike for collaboration with my team. They are placed in different countries, so an app like Wrike is very convenient for bringing them all together.

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