Liveblogging Enterprise 2.0 – Kim Polese

Kim Polese – SpikeSource

[Editorial comment: Very focused on the SuiteTwo and SpikeSource and what they offer – good pitch for SuiteTwo, but still pretty much a pich. Full disclosure: Optaros are partners with SpikeSource.]

Web 2.0 is real, has real benefits which are clear.

What are the Enterprise concerns?

  • Cost of point solutions
  • Security and Compliance
  • Import of data from existing systems, and exporting to other data destinations

Overcoming the obstacles: SuiteTwo.

Forrester’s conclusion about integrated suites – respondents prefer to get software from a single vendor.

[Editorial note: Puppies are cute, too. Asking the question the way Forrester did could never lead to any other conclusion – see my other blog post on that point.]

Suite Two, Spike Ignited, Spike Net – products from SpikeSource makes available to help enterprises reach Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 while overcoming their objections.

Benefits – open, extensible platform, well integrated with rich metadata.

Example SuiteTwo customer: Clearswift

CEO level decision – Jon Lee – example of how these technologies are starting to come top down not just bottom up.

International professional recruiting consultantcy. Need to share information about jobs and prospects in trying to match them to each other.

Fully integrated suite of web 2.0 applications. Highly extensible and flexible. Collaborate with control.