Intranet 2.0 Global Study

Toby Ward of Prescient Digital Media writes a blog called Intranet 2.0, which is consistently full of useful strategies for those who build, maintain, and manage internally facing corporate sites.

He’s currently running a survey, which you should take 10 minutes or so to fill out:

What’s in it for you?:

Respondents who complete the survey will be eligible to win $400 (a random email address will be drawn from all responses to the survey). All respondents will also receive a full copy of the results at no cost. Please provide your contact information in order to receive the survey results.

Only totals and summary statistics will be published. Your personal information and answers will be held confidential, and will not be shared with any outside partner or company.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the results.

I’ve noticed in the last 3-4 months a major resurgence of interest in intranets – though they might be more properly called extranets, since they are password-protected rather than “behind the firewall.” We often begin talking to a prospect about content management and collaboration issues with respect to external audiences – customers, partners, suppliers – and come to find out that the core of the issue is the lack of an effective corporate-wide intranet in the first place.

Maybe “Enterprise 2.0” is finally mature, when we no longer call it that and just call it the Intranet?


  1. Funny, I had talked to another Optaros person who said they felt that was a very cold part of the business.

    The amount of maturity in this space over the course of the last year is remarkable. A lot of viable players are emerging and we’re seeing the desire for and participation in these “password protected intranet extensions” among a broader section of employees. Hope to see even more in the future.

  2. Many thanks for the promotion John! We’ll be providing a sneak preview of the results in a webinar just prior to my keynote at jBOye in Denmark in November… stay tuned.

    Cheers, Toby

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