Assembled Web and Social Media

Thought I’d share a quick embedded presentation here for folks who aren’t yet following me on SlideShare. (Although after performing tag-team PowerPoint Karaoke at PodCamp Boston, perhaps I should think twice?).

The goal of the presentation- a sanitized (client references removed) version of one given to a client this week – was to talk about:

  • Social Media (and specifically how to get started with it)
  • Facebook (and other social network applications)
  • The iPhone (and other mobile platforms)

It certainly loses a bit in not having the voice over – sorry I couldn’t record it but much of the discussion was really client specific and less useful outside their context – if I get time maybe I’ll do a walk through and record a voiceover.

I tried to place the requested agenda items in the context of what we’ve been calling “The Assembled Web” for the past couple of years, connecting the specific social computing initiatives in a broader framework, one which involves:

  1. The convergence of content, commerce, and community – as they grow out of the previous web eras
  2. The notion of the Digital Footprint – taking your brand presence (across all three Cs) to where users are, and engaging them throughout the Internet

I hope you find it useful – please do comment here or on SlideShare.

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