If Facebook were a country

Surely you’ve seen one version or another of this meme. If Facebook were a country, it’d be the Nth largest, where N varies from 9th up to 3rd, depending on how recent your data is. (Just try it on the google or on the Bing).

I tweeted the other day what I think is a better way of completing that sentence, and I’m reposting it here in hopes someone finds it interesting and starts to spread it:

If Facebook were a country, the citizens would have revolted and demand a better terms of service already!

Alright, I didn’t tweet it quite that way, but I like that wording better and it still fits in 140 characters.

How would you finish the sentence?

If Facebook were a country . . . .

Or maybe, what other memes should we start based on the same structure:

If Twitter were a country . . .

If LinkedIn were a country . . .

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