WPBook 2.0.1, beta testers still needed

Once again, I’ve tagged a new version of WPBook for release. See the “other versions” section of the download page.

I’ve revamped the way permissions are requested, so as to store the session key Facebook provides when the user grants “offline access” permission. This enables WPBook to import comments from either the user’s Facebook Wall or the Wall of a Facebook Fan Page.

I’ve also added the ability to change the attribution line (the little blurb WPBook attaches to each message when you post it).

Given the complexity of all the different ways one might configure the application, though, I feel a need to get some folks testing it before making it the ‘default’ new release.

If you’re testing it, please do let me know – either via comments here, in the wpbook support forum, or via the contact form.

NOTE: This version has debugging on by default, which means it will create a debug text file in your wpbook plugin directory – this can be disabled by editing wpbook_cron.php at line 37, changing:

define ('DEBUG', true);


define ('DEBUG', false);

But there is useful info in that debug file for trying things out.

You’ll also probably find, in testing, that you’ll need a plugin like Core Control which lets you see what cron jobs are running and run specific jobs ahead of schedule.




  1. This has got to be the best plugin for FB I have come across easy to setup, instuctions easy to follow its a great job well done. i am using 2.01 on my site.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks John,

    I’m using WPBook 2.0.1 for my FB wall. I want to show excepts and thumbnail from my WP blog post on wall as Facebook Notes does. How can I config it?

    Thank you once againt,

  3. WPBook is an awesome plugin. Thanks! I’m trying out 2.0.1 for Refresh Columbia (wp blog, fb fan page, fb app page) and everything seems to be working fine except including the wall comments. I’ve left comments to the wall post on my personal profile and the fan page and they don’t seem to be getting pulled in to WordPress. Any idea how to troubleshoot this?

  4. Do you have debugging enabled as described above?

    Does a debug.txt file get created in your wpbook directly? Reading that file is the most useful debugging tool.

  5. There doesn’t seem to be any “session secret.”

    If you’re on your WPBook settings page, right underneath where you add your userid / pageid, there should be something which says: “infinite session key: ” and has a value.

    If there is no value, you need to go through the “grant permissions to this userid” again – for some reason that id did not get stored properly.

    Then come back, after doing that process, and reload the settings page (don’t submit it, which will again empty the value, but just reload it).

    Working on a cleaner way to do this . . .

  6. Actually I think it’s failing even before this, due to stupid typo on my part.

    At line 38 of wpbook_cron.php in the plugin, I have written:
    define ('WPBOOK_COMMENT_METHOD','comments');

    That should be:

    define ('WPBOOK_COMMENT_METHOD','comment');

  7. Cool. After changing comments to comment, it pulled in the comment from the fan page. I looked on the setting page for the Infinite Session Key, but there’s no input field there to enter a value.

  8. That’s because you can’t edit the infinite session key directly.

    It gets set when you do the “click here to grant permissions for this userid” bit – or at least it should.

    The value is *displayed* on the settings screen but cannot be set there.

  9. Ahh. Sorry, I should have read your first comment more carefully. I had gone through that step before but after doing it again, I now have an infinite session key. Looks like the cron will run again in about 30 minutes and it’ll probably pull the last 2 comments in on that go-round. Thanks for your help!

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