WordCamp comes to Providence – Truly Responsive Design

Just confirmed I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Providence, October 27th 2012.

My talk will be titled “Truly Responsive Design“:

Perhaps the greatest sea-change in the industry since the “Web 2.0? meme, Responsive Design has been the unavoidable theme of the web industry in 2011 and 2012. But too much of the focus in responsive design has been on the mechanics: media queries, responsive images, javascript polyfills, and techniques for progressive enhancement.

Not enough attention has been paid to how responsive sites and applications should be designed to take into account the needs and contexts of users. In short, we’ve been designing sites that respond to the needs (and capabilities) of *browsers* and *devices* rather than the desires and contexts of users.

In this talk I’ll cover strategies and processes you can follow which help ensure your web applications are truly responsive to business goals and user needs, not just device capabilities.

Look forward to the first WordCamp in The Creative Capital