Twitter, for the Enterprise

Laura Fitton of Pistachio Consulting (and @pistachio on twitter) has published a report covering 19 “Enterprise Microsharing” applications, including a number of open source applications:

As well as Prologue, which does not get grouped in with the other open source options though it is available under GPL v2. (It gets a separate group as it isn’t purely a microsharing application btu a theme for WordPress.)

It’s a good overview, though I would have liked to have seen more coverage of the difference that the OpenMicroblogging protocol (which is supported not just by OpenMicroBlogger but also by will make, in terms of real interoperability across networks. But I guess that would be less relevant to the Enterprise scenario, since the whole purpose of the enterprise scenario is to have a closed network.

(See also my post from earlier this summer listing open source microblogging options, as well as this recent post suggesting Twitter themselves could get on the open microblogging bus.)