Tools 1.6

Alex King’s excellent WordPress plugin, Twitter Tools, has been released in a 1.6 version.

As described in this earlier post, I’ve modified Twitter Tools to use endpoints rather than Twitter ones, since I have my account set to auto-cross-post to Twitter.

Here’s a revised version of what I’m calling tools – just replace the twitter-tools.php from the 1.6 release with this one (rename it from twitter-tools.php.txt to twitter-tools.php of course) and you should be good to go:



  1. Since I don’t have a “real” account with login and pw (i’m using openID) I can’t enter anything.

    So…how do i use it?

  2. Afraid you have to have a userid and pass – though I think you can still use your openID login at, you have to create a username/pass for the tools to use.

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