CMS Myths in Higher Education

I’m super excited that I’ll be speaking at Confab Higher Ed this coming November in Atlanta.


My talk will be on CMS Myths in Higher Education, including but not limited to these myths:

  • The silver-bullet of responsive web design (we don’t need a mobile strategy, our site is responsive)
  • The mobile context myth (because this user is on a phone, they must be looking for ___)
  • The ease-of-use myth (our CMS is so simple there’s no need for training for content authors)
  • The platform selection myth (the most important choice we’ll make is which platform we build on)
  • The feature-rich myth (the best CMS for you is the one which checks the most boxes on your feature wish list)
  • The cheap labor myth (we’ll use student developers / we don’t need a consistent, professional team)
  • The content expert myth (because I’m an expert in ___, I’m also an expert in how to present that on the web)
  • The “one ring to bind them all” myth (our most important goal is a single technical platform)
  • The content factory myth (the goal of the CMS platform is to enable creation of yet more web sites)

Confab puts on fantastic events, and the list of speakers for Confab Higher Ed is very impressive. (I don’t even want to list a few because I will either have to list them all or leave some out).