Truly Responsive Design

A few weekends ago, I spoke at Design 4 Drupal Boston 2013. It was a great opportunity to update and give a talk I had been scheduled to give at WordCamp Providence (but was unable to deliver), on the topic of “Truly Responsive Design.”


It’s too easy to allow the focus in the responsive design discussion to narrow to devices, and how we render different content differently based on the requesting device. But users aren’t devices, and a truly responsive design must take into account the needs and goals of real users. The challenge isn’t shifting the pixels around on the screen, it’s creating a process whereby user needs and goals can be consistently defended against the onslaught of things the business wants to do.

Now the video is up on MIT Tech TV. See embedded video and slide deck below:



Thanks to the Design 4 Drupal folks for having me – it was a great conference as always.