Weekend Coding

Took advantage of a rare non-travel, non-camp weekend (other than BarCamp Boston 9 planning session) to clean up WPBook and WPBook Lite.

Facebook has changed the way the API is versioned, and new apps made in Facebook are no longer able to call the v1 of the API, use FQL, or other things I was depending on.

So, I’m releasing today new versions of both.

For WPBook Lite, which is the one you have to use if your blog is not accessible via HTTPS, the new version will be 1.6.1.

For WPBook, which enables the Facebook Canvas page in addition to the features of WPBook, the new version will be 2.7

I’ve also tested both with WordPress 4.0 and added plugin icons that WordPress now supports.

As always, please use the WordPress.org support forums for support issues, not comments threads here. Thanks.

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