WordPress talks at CMS Expo

Last year I spoke at CMS Expo in Chicago about Busting Web Experience Management Myths. But while covering the event for the CMS Myth, I noticed that WordPress was visibly absent from the Showcase.

In part this led me to give a talk at WordCamp Boston on Why the @##!@ isn’t WordPress a CMS?.

This year, the fine folks at CMS Expo have added WordPress to the CMS Showcase, and will have a full track of WordPress-related talks.

The WordPress track includes:

This is in addition to a strong lineup of speakers on broad CMS topics, including (some of the ones I’m most looking forward to):

As well as, of course, a series of panels with the showcase CMS platforms (Drupal, openText, Jahia, WordPress, SageFrame, and Joomla!) with titles like “Can your CMS do this?” and “Can your CMS do That?”.

It’s a fantastic conference John & Linda put together, and continues to evolve with the changing landscape of the CMS industry. Hope to see you there!

For $100 off a three-day conference registration at CMS Expo use code CMSX54417
For $100 off a three-day conference registration use code CMSX54417